Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spanish Birthday Traditions

     Many different cultures around the world celebrate birthdays in many different ways I am going to inform you on some traditions of a normal spanish birthday or "Cumpleaños". Many Spanish celebrate two personal days of celebration, their birthday, and their name day, or Saint’s Day. Many people think that a spanish birthday only consists of a piñata, this is not the case, however,but they usually do have piñatas as part of the celebration.

     Lets start with birthdays. Birthdays are pretty low-key events in Spain. I suppose one advantage of being in Spain is that if you’re 40 or 50, people really don't make it a big deal. They don’t really send cards in Spain. Also don’t expect piles of presents either. Close relatives might give presents, but these will probably be small and probably not a big deal, unless you have a party then most guests will bring along a gift of some sort. I guess that if you were getting older than it would be awesome since you don't have to be reminded of aging every year but being younger and not getting a ton of presents? That wouldn't be so great, not trying to sound spoiled or all about "getting and not giving" but I enjoy getting presents! Another tradition often celebrated for people of Spanish speaking countries is mostly for younger people and this tradition is the breaking of a piñata which is generally full of candy.


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  1. Acabo de tener mi decimosexto cumpleaños y fue increíble Me encantaría celebrar mi cumpleaños en español también.